Monday, 16 July 2012

Medea Bejamin: her book "Drone Warfare"

Medea Benjamin came to Buffalo for the July 7 weekend, partly in solidarity with local efforts in the Upsate NY Coalition to End the Drones.  She spoke at a press event that morning, to help start public opposition to any plans to use the Niagara Falls Air Base for drone activitiy.  Talking Leaves Books and the Peace Center also hosted a fantastic event on Saturday afternoon, July 7.  There Medea
gave a great overview of drones today, in support of her new book "Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control".  Copies are available at Talking Leaves, 3158 Main St.
        (716) 837-8554
The event was very well-attended and was captured on video.  It lead into a lively discussion.  Medea Benjamin is cofounder of the peace group CODEPINK and the international human rights organization Global Exchange.  She has been an advocate for social justice for more than thirty years.   It was an honor and an inspiration to have her with us.


  1. Hi Terry, Great update on Ms. Medea and Code Pink. Thanks!

  2. For those who missed the presentation at Talking Leaves in July, C-Span video library has this:
    "Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink, takes a critical look at the use of drones by the U.S. military and argues that targeted killings do not make us safer. Members of the audience also spoke out and Ms. Benjamin also responded to questions from members of the audience at Talking Leaves Bookstore in Buffalo, New York."
    See the video at