Saturday, 18 May 2013

Cuban 5 background

The next Peace Center/LASC coffeehouse will take place at Daemen College, Wick Center, 7-9, Monday, May 20.  The theme is "Working to Free the Cuban Five" by speaker Alicia Jrapko.  Ms. Jrapko had fled to the U.S. from Argentina during a brutal dictorial regime.  Since 2001, she has focused on Freeing the "Cuban Five," incarcerated since 1998.

Although the story is not well known in our country, thousands of people worldwide, including 10 Nobel Laureates, have been pushing Washington to free the Cubans.  Their plight began when Cuba sent them to America to gather evidence exposing the Cuban-American exiles who had been attacking the Cuban people for decades.  After gathering the information, Havana presented the evidence to the U.S. government, hoping Washington would stop the illegal attacks.  Instead of nabbing the Cuban-American terrorists, Washington arrested the five Cubans for trumped-up charges that they were spying on the United States government and convicted the five Cubans in a rigged Miami federal court, in a region awashed with anti- Castro hostility.

To get a broader understanding of the five Cubans, google -- "Edward Cuddy Cuban Five."