Friday, 27 July 2012

Peaceprints rally for peace, July 25

July 25, 2012:

More than 40 young people attending Camp Peaceprints rally for peace with staff and community supporters in Niagara Square at noon today.

Camp Peaceprints, a collaboration between the Interfaith Peace Network, the SSJ Sister Karen Klimczak Center for Nonviolence and the WNY Peace Center, is a day camp for 8- to 13-year-olds who take part in games and activities designed to teach them about social justice, community building and peaceful conflict resolution.

photo by NYCLU


  1. I'll be in your area soon, what events are you planning?

    Today's sermon:
    I’m scared… I’m having flashbacks to early 2000 about the Bush VS. Gore presidential campaign. I volunteered so much of my precious time working for Gore, the Democrats and for Progressive causes. All the meetings, workshops, petition/voter registration drives, campaign work, letter/email writing campaigns. I communicated with 1000’s of wonderfully active Concerned Citizens who love the USA, the Constitution and our American Way…

    I should have been happy but I had this nagging anxiety that a storm was on the horizon. Everyone around me was confident of victory and getting agitated at my constant warnings about the storm. Some on the LEFT were so sure they actually went over to the Ralph Nader camp to waste their VITAL votes. No one believed a spoiled, inebriated, silver spoon, ignorant, loser like George W. Bush, who failed at every business or personal plan in his life, could possibly be taken serious by enough voters to get him elected…

    And then the horror, the HORROR!

    Things are a hell of a lot more desperate NOW in 2012. No s***, if that idiot Mitt Romney is elected President OR if these Tea Party morons take over Congress then the USA is f***ed!

    For all you cost cutting Republicans out there, WHO DID NOTHING while Bush/Cheney wasted our national wealth like crack Ho’s with a credit card, Mitt Romney will finish the job of destroying America from with-in that the Bush Crime Family started. (I know I know, it’s just a coincidence every time a Bush is in the White House, Americans have to suffer through another banking/financial scandal/crisis)

    The life long, Secret Service protection for the Romney Family alone will break the bank. All those kids, grand kids and fancy pants show horses. (lol) Those five sons who didn’t think it was important to serve their nation during TWO WARS started by their political party will be served for the rest of their lives by tax payer funded, private security.

    No sane person can believe that this vain, self-absorbed, vicious, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon, trust fund baby, who will be nothing more than a Ho for the Billionaire Class, will be elected President. BUT I KNOW BETTER!

    I see the storm on the horizon with the computerized voting machines, by fanatic right wing Christian election boards and workers, voter ID/voter suppression laws AND ALL THAT BIAS Conservative DISINFORMATION that is broadcast out 24/7, over our publicly owned radio/TV airwaves. PAID FOR BY SOME OF THE MOST EVIL HUMAN BEING to have ever walked the Earth. Psychological warfare on a scale that it will go down as History’s most successful brainwashing of a target population…

    COME ON, you know what I’m talking about… For any Progressive/Liberal/Independent whose ever tried to have a legitimate debate with one of those Limbaugh ditto-hears or FOX News groupies. The facts, statistics and content are all right in front of their blank faces but they refuse to believe the TRUTH! Oooohhhh Noooooo, Conservative wackos are part of a elitist club of holier-than-thou, know-it-alls suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia and religious delusions. Useful tools taught to believe they were put on the Earth to keep the Aristocrats in the extravagant lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to… Winning is the only thing.

    I am somebody who hates apathy

  2. Here's the announcement of the event on Peace Center facebook, July 22, 2012
    At Noon on Wednesday, July 25, more than 40 children and youth will gather on Niagara Square with Camp Peaceprints staff and community supporters to take a stand for Peace On and With the Earth.

    The rally will include skits created by the children showing peaceful conflict resolution as well as acting out global warming. Youth will sing peace songs and take a stand for peace and justice in our community.

    At 1:30pm, they will meet with Mayor Brown to ask him questions and express their concerns about violence both in our neighborhoods and to our environment. Rain date is Thursday, July 26.

    Camp Peaceprints, in its 5th year, is an alternative day camp for 8-13-year-olds. Cooperative games and activities are used to learn about nonviolence and peaceful conflict resolution. Through weekly field trips and park excursions, fun and learning go hand in hand as the diverse group of youngsters and youth assistants grow in leadership and communication skills, using the arts, music, and group process.