Thursday, 12 July 2012

LASC/Pastors for Peace

LASC/Pastors for Peace BBQ Fiesta for Cuba
we CELEBRATED at a festive BBQ, on Friday July 6 2012 from 5pm to midnight.
It seemed that everyone had a great time; thanks to all the volunteers.
There was music, food, and camaraderie.  

Rev. Tom Smith from IFCO inspired us on US-Cuba issues and the history and ideas behind the Friendshipments. "We challenge an unjust law that asks us to hate our neighbor.  Love is our license."
He continued on by bus to his next stop, leaving at 3am!

The 23rd Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba continues to commemorate Rev. Lucius Walker, founding director of IFCO-P4P. Vehicles gather aid in Canada and the USA, go through Mexico and on to Cuba.

Packing of Friendshipment supplies (donated by local doctors and hospitals) had taken place Monday afternoon July 2.   The truck to carry supplies arrived at 10:30 pm on Saturday July 8, and we loaded the boxes, gave them breakfast the next morning, and sent them on their way.  It was good to see Luis and Ned again.

Hi.  Terry Bisson here.  I will be posting reports on events like this one, hosted by the
Latin America Solidarity Committee, which is a taskforce of the Western New York Peace Center.

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