Tuesday, 2 July 2013

LASC-Pastors for Peace BBQ, July 12, 2013

Please Come to a BBQ fun time & fundraiser for
this year's Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba
Friday July 12  5 - 9 PM
74 Wellington Rd. near Hertel Ave. in Buffalo, phone 835 4705 for info
(suggested donation $10 - $20 +)
WITH Dave Thomas,Canadian Cuban Friendship Association, Niagara Chair who
spends months in Cuba motor cycling & also caravanistas past & present.
AND music by La Marimba:
Tiffany Nicely, Ringo Brill, and Gabriel Gutierrez perform original
arrangements of traditional music from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.
See them on YouTube:

IFCO/Pastors for Peace in Buffalo, NY this year, through an exciting educational and
cultural program will celebrate the 24th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba! In July 2013 the
caravan will travel visiting 100 US and Canadian cities, educating people about the

July 8-15 Cuba Caravan Week:  Organizing          
        events throughout the US*and Canada
July 16 Travel to Mexico City/ Participant  orientation
July 17 Participate in major event in
                     Mexico City
July 18 Depart from Mexico City
July 19- 29 Caravan program in Cuba
July 29 Return to Mexico City
July 30 Return to the Hub City & Report  Back

P4P will go directly to Santiago de Cuba to help reconstruct after Hurricane Sandy and to
be part of the 60th Anniversary of the attack on the Moncada Barracks. This year P4P will
not be traveling on school busses, but first fly from our hub cities to Mexico City, where
we will join our Mexican partners in a gala event. Cuba is well known for its rich culture
& focus on human development – all which comes from investment in human beings. We will
meet the young scientists, doctors, teachers, social workers, artists, musicians and
community activists who are increasingly at the forefront of developing their own society
and participating in internationalist missions to assist the peoples of other countries.
P4P is accepting the advice that Fidel gave: "Victory is winning the Battle of Ideas".  We
want to end the Blockade. P4P is organizing on a new & exciting model this year, so stay
tuned for details!

WAYS YOU CAN GET INVOLVED Join us on a voyage of friendship and discovery!

•Join the caravan as a caravanista – contact P4P for an application form.
email cucaravan@igc.org

•Sponsor a young person or encourage others to apply – distribute our
brochure; sponsor someone from your community.

•Get involved locally – host a caravan event in your community and come
* Friday July 12 to a BBQ fun time & fundraiser:
5 - 9 PM 74 Wellington Rd. near Hertel Ave. in Buffalo, phone 835 4705 for info
(suggested donation $10 - $20 +)
with speakers from Canada & and also caravanistas past & present.

Contact Info: IFCO/Pastors for Peace
418 W. 145th St., New York, NY 10031
Ph: 212-926-5757 Fax: 212-926-5842
Email: p4p@igc.org      web site:   www.pastorsforpeace.org

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