Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Buffalo student: Injustice in Honduras

"Death Squads Are Back"   
With the recent upsurge of death squads in Honduras all of the national solidarity organizations have taken an active roll in informing us as to why this is happening. LASC has taken the opportunity to participate in delegations to this small Central American country. Arianne Walker, a student at Canisius College went to Honduras this past March on a delegation sponsored by Rights Action, an international solidarity organization. Arianne spent time learning about political and environmental issues. In her own words, Arianne wrote " The trip all around was eye-opening because because I did not know all the injustices such as the forced movement of the Garifuna People (original settlers in Honduras) and the effects of the mining industry is having on indigenous people of Honduras".                                                    

We have also leaned through AP that there is continued funding from the U.S. to the Honduran National Police.The chief of Police,l Juan C. Bonilla has been accused of three extrajudicial killings and 11 disappearances. The Center for Economic Research has asked:" Did the A P Catch State Dept. Officials Lying to Congress About Honduran Death Squads?"  There are serious human rights abuses by the Honduran National Police. These abuses have surged with U.S,increase in supporting militarizing the police force. Documentation of these abuses have increased and unless effective steps are taken they will increase. The military-backed regime in power since the 2009 military coup, remains in control due to its military and economic relations with the U.S. and Canada with world-wide banking institutions supporting this effort.     
LASC continues to communicate with our congresspeople (requested to sign on to "Dear Colleague" letter to investigate the increase in death squads).  We would encourage everyone to contact your congressperson to de-militarize the Honduran National Police (Call Cong. Higgins: 852-3501 or 202-225-3306, Collins--634-2324 or 202-225-5265, Reed: 315-759-5229 or 202-225-3161. Join a delegation with Rights Action. More info:         

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