Saturday, 20 October 2012

October Fast - here and with delegation to Pakistan

Posted by Russell Brown, October 3:  Tomorrow  is the beginning of our Fast for Their Lives, a water-only fast from sunup tomorrow until sundown next Wednesday. (Eat your proteins tonight, there aren't any in water).

The fast starts on the 3rd, the day all the delegates to Pakistan will begin their trip and ends the following Wednesday, the day the trip ends.

For those who can't do a water-only fast for 8 days we are asking you to join us for 1 day, October 7th. That is the day the delegates are planning to join a huge peace rally opposing the drones in Waziristan. It is the anniversary of the War in Afghanistan.

We are fasting to honor those killed by the drones and the survivors of the drone attacks. We are honoring our compassionate and courageous delegates who are putting themselves in a risky place so they might share the view of many of us who are appalled and opposed to the murder of innocent civilians by the US government's illegal drone attacks. Many of these people have been committed to ending these killer drone programs here in the US. They have leafleted, demonstrated, blocked the gates to the bases, been arrested, gone to jail. They will bring back the truth that our government has tried to keep from the people.

-Terminate the "kill list"

-End targeted assassinations

-Ban weaponized drones

-End the wars now!

These are goals worth working for. Do what you can in your community. If you would like to join the fast, start when you can and let us know at:

Victoria Ross Thanks for setting this up, Russell. It's great that the delegation has gone, and it's a way that we here who can't go on the trip can work for and support our dear friends, our brothers and sisters who have suffered so much and continue to suffer the torment and trauma of drone warfare and violence. To me, every unsated urge is a reminder for prayerful yearning for peace and love, justice and mercy, in Pakistan, Afghanistan, everywhere.

Petition to sign banning weaponized drones around the world. Makes sense to me-Russell Brown

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