Sunday, 21 October 2012

Buffalo delegation to Pakistan & Waziristan

posted October 7:  Bonny Mahoney is 7th from top right, standing and holding the sign....

posted September 29: Bonny Mahoney, Buffalo's delegate to Pakistan & Waziristan, will be leaving on Monday morning. We are grateful that such a strong & courageous woman will be making this journey ( with several other delegates from New York State and around the country ) to let the people of Waziristan know that many of us here at home don't support the US policy of murder and assassination of innocent people in Pakistan & other countries around the world. She is planning to meet survivors of our criminal drone attacks and join the Pakistan people in a peace demonstration on October 7th, the anniversary of the War in Afghanistan, a neighboring country. Thanks to all the supporters who made this trip possible.

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