Sunday, 19 January 2014

Close Guantanamo, January 5th to the 13th, 2014 in Washington

WNY Peace Center members were at this year's  fast, vigil and actions to close Guantanamo:
       Close Guantanamo- January 5th to the 13th  in Washington D.C     
Any questions, contact Tom Casey through the Peace Center or Pax Christi. 
Post by Terry Bisson, for LASC

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Tom's report:   "It was a nourishing privilege to represent Pax Christi WNY in DC last week. See especially the link below at the end of the first paragrph to Ken Butigan's column.  You are all welcome to join us next year. One week of fasting (plenty of liquids), a comfortable church floor with mats and an amazing community of focused hope that was founded by about 25 people including many Catholic workers. Hopefuly Gunatanamo will be closed and we will be fasting, reflecting, vigiling and educating for another need."   tom casey

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