Monday, 4 March 2013

LASC January 2013 Coffeehouse

LASC is the Latin America Solidarity Committee of the WNY Peace Center.
Our January 21 Coffeehouse was a great presentation by Wendy Schwenker, on her
study visits to Heifer International projects in Guatemala.   She had meet with five community projects there last year.  She had lots of pictures of the people in the communities their, and stories about their varied situations and experiences.   She told us about the gracious welcomes the communities gave to the Heifer delegation, and what she saw of how communities work together, organize themselves, and share and pass on their successes.    

For the Spring, we are holding these monthly presentations at Daemen College, in the Alumni Lounge of the Wick Student Center.   We had quite a few new attendees.  Lots of questions came up about the history of Heifer International, how it is funded by gifts, how the communities develop their projects, and the nuts-and-bolds of how the projects work. We thank Wendy for giving us a vivid on-the-ground view of what she witnessed in Guatemala.    Here is a link:


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