Friday, 21 September 2012

Arrests at a march in Rochester

posted by Jamie Nichol Stewart on August 22, 2012 on the Peace Center facebook page.

"At an Anti-Capitalist march in Rochester Saturday night upwards of a 100 people participated in a peaceful protest that ended with police snatch and grabbing individuals at random and pepper-spraying some after they were detained in handcuffs as well as the group as a whole, while we were on the sidewalk no less. 18 arrests were made, 4 of which were from Buffalo. Jail support continued until 4am. All have been released as of today on bail. Arraignments  Monday @ 9am
show support & and solidarity."   Further report and comments welcome.

here is a link to a news report:

18 People Arrested Following Occupy Rochester Protest
Published: 7/21   Channel 13 WHAM in Rochester, NY
Rochester, N.Y. - Rochester police say they arrested 18 people Saturday night following an Occupy Rochester protest and march.

Police say while on East Avenue near the inner loop, the 150 protestors began blocking both lanes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Officers say the protestors refused to disperse and were arrested for disorderly conduct.

Occupy Rochester protestors spent the winter months camped out in Washington Square Park until being kicked out.

Organizers have promised to keep the movement alive.

Police say more information on the arrests will be available Monday.

Among those arrested tonight is one of Occupy Rochester's most notable members, Emily Good.

Good made national news when she was arrested for obstruction of governmental administration charges on May 12.

She was filming officers on a traffic stop when they asked her to step away from the scene.  Charges against her were later dropped. Good has given the city notice that she intends to sue.

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